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    We are an independent cartographic company which gives a cartographic design and cartographic drafting service specifically matched to your needs by our own cartographers.

  • Cartograhic services
    You can be assured that at all stages of the process our cartographers will advise, and work together with the you, to make sure that the best map for the purpose is produced.

  • Business Information
    Falcon (Mapping) Ltd is an independent company of cartographers based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
    Falcon (Mapping) Ltd's cartographers use the following mapping software packages :- FreeHand, CorelDRAW, Illustrator, AutoCAD and many small less famous software packages.

  • Company Philosophy
    We all know that the best maps are the maps that show you what you want, clearly and simply. These maps are not complicated or confused by unnecessary and superfluous information.

  • Copyright & Disclaimer
    Falcon (Mapping) Ltd owns the copyright to all materials on this site.
    The free maps on this site are for the general public to find their way around Edinburgh and Leith, and are not for mass reproduction purposes.

  • Free printable Edinburgh and Leith Maps
    We are giving the public a sample street map of Edinburgh and Leith free to show how Falcon (Mapping) Ltd.'s cartographers wish to bring high quality maps to tourists, visitors and the general public.

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